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INFERNUS Panini Grill Double Ribbed Top and Bottom Electric


This amazing panini grill has a twin head model which gives you an additional capacity for cooking steaks, burgers, paninis and toasted sandwiches without you needing to monitor its progress and turn the food over.

Its Enamelled cast iron plates give excellent heat retention and are very easy to clean. It’s well balanced, smooth action mechanism with ‘hold’ position for safe and easy operation. The use of the thermostatic control will ensure that you get consistent results every time!

Product Specifications:    

  • Model Number: PANINI DOUBLE
  • Power type: Electric
  • Power: 3.6 KW (1.8 + 1.8)
  • Counter top unit.
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Mechanism to adjust upper plate height
  • Dimensions: 570 x 305 x 210 (mm)